John P. Turner
Philadelphia, PA

Bio: I am the founder of WeDoBigThings, a benefit corporation that is based on the for-profit corporate philosophy of using strategic planning and program evaluations to benefit low-income communities. Founded in 2011, WeDoBigThings seeks to provide people with medical/counseling services and information on social welfare programs to reduce health disparities and to improve wellness within disadvantages communities. As a Social Entrepreneur, my career passion is to present sustainable solutions to social problems through news commentaries, talk show interviews, research publications, and grassroots campaigns.

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Ambition and determination are 2 of the greatest qualities to drive success and social change. You clearly possess both and this blog is off to a great start. I’m not much of a blog follower, but I wonder if you added more specific details about the important work you do? (unless I’m missing it…oops lol).


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